Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It has been unusually warm here this winter.  I have to admit, after snow three times last year, (and buying new snowpants and gloves this year) I was at first disappointed.  Of course the year I expect snow *and* am prepared for it, its the warmest winter on record in 20 years.  Go figure!

But, the more mature person in me knows this surprise warmth is a gift.


The boys and I started some seeds indoors over the weekend and the first little seedling popped its head up this morning.  Again...earlier than was expected.

But with this unexpected early warmth, there comes second changes and hope.  Last Fall, I picked up a bag of daffodil bulbs with the grand plan of planting them all.  Unfortunately, they've been sitting in the shed since then.  But since the ground is still relatively warm and very workable, I decided to put them in the ground yesterday.

Seriously, daffodils in January!  Nuts!

The cilantro and dill reseeded themselves after the summer.  And we've had both all winter long.  Along with chives, leeks and onions.

I really wish I had planted a better winter garden.  This would have been a stellar year for it.  But puppies and newly planted gardens are just a disastrous combination.  Maybe, Im glad I didn't.  I still can't help thinking about it though.

I did get a few seeds planted outside as well.  We'll see how they do.  Last year I planted an early, early garden...even before they garden centers had their early Spring plants out.  The garden center manager told me it was too early.  But my gamble payed off, I had cabbage and broccoli way before anyone else did.  And was able to enjoy the spoils quite a bit longer then most.

We'll see if my gamble pays off this year.

The sweet little tray from Bridgman Pottery arrived this week.  I have a few of her other pieces and love them more and more every time I bring them out.  You can get yours at Melissa's etsy shop.

And lastly, not at all related to growth or gardens or hope, but does every kid do their  homework like this?  Or is it just his process?  On the kitchen floor, spread out and jumping from task to task like a frog in a lilly pond.

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. All those bits of green. What a pleasant surprise in January. I hope your early gardening again pays off. Hope is a good thing.

  2. I do believe everything will be early this year. I'm used to a mild winter, but it seems that we've had no winter at all. My poor garden beds are a mess. I noticed 1 lonely head of lettuce growing among the weeds the other day, not really sure how that happened, but I'll take it.

  3. I've been starting the gardening process here in KS this week, too. It's been in the 60's all week and impossible not to think about gardening. Your garden album on Flickr serves for much inspiration over here. So much so that I stopped over here to ask you how your potatoes did in the tires a few years ago (and you were already on the garden topic!)? Thinking about trying it since I just found some tires.

    1. Hi Natalie! The potatoes did great! So great we've did the same process last year and are planning on continuing this year. It drives S nuts that everytime I see a tire on the curb for the trash I pick it up so that our tire towers can be taller and taller and taller. GOod luck to you!