Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hands by eren {sea+prairie}
Hands, a photo by eren {sea+prairie} on Flickr.

I have my Grammer Shirley's hands
hands that raise things
like collard greens
and okra, big boy tomatoes and crooked neck squash
these hands raise flowers...peonies and daffodils and marigolds
hands that raise chickens
...and children
hands that pick up skateboards from in the driveway
and legos from down the hall
these hands are not slender piano playing hands
no these are working type hands...my Grammer Shirley's hands
hands with dirt under the fingernails
dirt so deep in the crevices and folds
that you have to use a brush to scub them in the bath at night
I have my grammer's hands
hands that raise things


  1. I have my grandmother's hands as well. They too are for work. I love the prose and photo, eren.

  2. this was beautiful. loved it in every way.

  3. Fantastic! This doesn't look like something I'd usually pick up but I will admit that the premise has gotten me intrigued!
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