Wednesday, April 25, 2012


details by eren {sea+prairie}
details, a photo by eren {sea+prairie} on Flickr.
feeling a bit "off" today
there are days I feel like if I stop moving just for a minute I might fall asleep and not wake up until next week
today is one of those days
I put my head down on the table while helping the boys with their homework for a wee moment, but made myself a cup of coffee and we're out the door for soccer practices

and then a meeting at the command for wives on how to identify PTSD in our spouses and how to handle combat good and so needed, just not sure if I have the energy for it tonight

Oh, and the writing on our chalkboard has been there for months, but I just can't bring myself to change it out yet...maybe I still need the reminder that sunshine follows the storm?

Oh, and did you see Angela's submission. I wish I were as brave as she is.

Anyway, here is my submission to NOW:YOU


  1. wish i could see all the submissions - i really wanted to take the class, but waited too long! love your chalkboardboard - i'm trying to get my oldest to be in charge of ours using some ideas from here:

  2. Fantastic! This doesn't look like something I'd usually pick up but I will admit that the premise has gotten me intrigued!
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