Monday, June 18, 2012

sweetness:: blackberries

our blackberries are in
oh, I love them so much
we started picking them just as soon as they begin to turn dark, even though they are still a bit sour, we couldn't help ourselves
not until they are fat and juicy, are they perfect and sweet
which requires patience

I struggle with patience...and timing
I need to learn to wait for the perfect moment, that "sweet spot"
not to get too impatient
if blackberries can ripen in their own time, I think people (and children) probably do as well

the boys and I made Pioneer Woman's #1 was ok, yummy, but more like blackberry cake
and Im more of a traditional cobbler girl

we'll try again tomorrow with a true cobbler recipe

last year we fought with the robins for the berries, and they won
but, this year we netted the bushes and made some other deterrents
they worked famously!

and we have more than enough berries for our current needs and even some for freezing I think

I think blackberries might just be my favorite fruit in all the world
yes, I think so


today was our first official day of summer, school was out on Friday and today was the first day we didn't have to get up and rush around

it was nice

nice not to have to rush, but also nice to have something oh, so fun to look forward to
farm camp


  1. farm camp sounds like such fun. I think strawberries or blueberries are my favorite. Perhaps because I don't have my own blackberries. Patience is such a challenge. Totally agree that the waiting has so many benefits.

  2. Hi Heather...I think Im going to embroider "patience is a virtue" on a piece of muslin and frame it. :-)

  3. Blackberries! What a treat! And I'm with you on the trqditional cobbler...prob my favorite dessert ever.

  4. Oh I wish I had berries to pick. They look delicious. I have never had a fresh picked blackberry and if I did it may very well be my favorite too. We have grown strawberries and there is nothing better than homegrown organic strawberries. yum. I noticed your toenails are painted blue :) so are mine.

  5. I had cobbler the other night and almost cried from its deliciousness.
    your IG farm camp photos made me so happy...what a fabulous opportunity.
    must look into that idea for my 9 year old.

    1. We're making pie today...I think I might react the same as you did. :-)

  6. Happy to see a post from you! Just picked strawberries with my son at a local farm and they melted in my mouth. Our blackberries don't come in until August, but they are my favorite. Hope life is treating you right and you enjoy the slower (and fuller?) days of summer.

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