Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Its raining here today.  So much of the country has gotten snow (albeit a bit late), but its been more like April weather around here instead of January.

The daffodil bulbs are popping up quite a bit and are beginning to show blossoms developing.  No blooms yet, but it won't be long with all of these 60 degree temps and rain.

We have friends visiting this weekend, from the great white North of Wisconsin.  The weather is a huge treat for them, and their presence is a huge treat for us.  Gotta love folks that don't mind that the downstairs is only half painted and there were dishes in the sink when they arrived.  Love you Ellises!

Of note:
  • More indoor soccer, Zane scored his first goal!
  • Red wine is yummy.
  • The boys are addicted to Liberty's Kids on Netflix
  • And I continue to be addicted to Downton Abbey


  1. Visitors are always an awesome treat! I'll have to check out downtown Abbey, right now I'm addicted to Mad Men, I love it!

  2. just added Liberty's Kids to the instant queue! thanks friend!

  3. Ooooo, very addicted to Downtown Abbey, too!

  4. My kiddos love Liberty's Kids too and I must admit to the guilty pleasure of Downton Abbey myself.

  5. Downton Abbey, I never want that show to end!