Monday, February 20, 2012


I treasure these mornings. Weekend morning when everyone is allowed to wake up at their own pace. No soccer games or appointments to cause us to rush. Only mandala games, coffee (or coacoa) and music via spotify, and cinnamon rolls straight from the oven.


  1. Beautiful...

    we may have been on the same page with our posts at this moment:))

    So glad you are finding moments of calm...

  2. eren - just now i was washing dishes, i thought of you. i don't know how it happened or why - i can't retrace my thoughts exactly. i just thought "vintage chica eren, what's she up to?" so i went to your blog - then found your flickr and traced you to your new and lovely blog.

    way back when i first came across soulemama, then habit, then blogs from habit... i realized there was a world of more like-minded mamas than i knew out there. i remember being so excited! this eventually led to more blogs and to the world of quilting - which feeds me in a way i wouldn't have guessed.

    we've email several times on the topic of public school vs. homeschooling i believe. i am a part-time reading specialist in a local school. my kids are in public school. i have boy/girl twins who are almost 9 and an older daughter who is 11. we live in blacksburg, va.

    so glad to have found you again in your new space. your yearning and growing in faith is interesting to me right now. i'm reading some things right now that are making my faith grow, for sure. i'm interested in your journey as my own unfolds --


    beth lehman