Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the gift of ruralness

I am missing rural-ness.

I mean I love living relatively close to Target and Panera Bread and the like.  It is pretty convenient to live where we do.  If I forget one of the boys is scheduled to take snacks to school one day, I can leave my house, run to the store and have the individually wrapped goldfish to the school in 18 minutes.

Not that I've ever done that.  :-)

But there's just something about the country I miss right now.

I think when our lives get topsy-turvy and all out of whack, we go back to where we started, what grounds us, where we feel most at home.

And for me, I need space.

I've been helping out at our church's food pantry the past several months.  I love it.
And yesterday, the woman that runs the pantry called and asked if I could shoot down to Pungo (a rural area near us) to pick up some eggs that had become available.


Just the drive down the windy one lane road.  The sight of red barns, strawberries in the fields, little road side stands.  The purina checkerboard signs in front of feed stores.  It all screams "HOME" to me.

Today I am thankful for the 30 minutes I took to pick up eggs, thinking I was helping our food pantry.  And like it always works, I ended up with the gift in the end.


  1. sounds lovely. for me there is restoration in walking in the woods or just getting out into nature in some way - just the scenery can recharge.

    1. Hi Beth! Hi Beth! I got your email...I owe you one back, but just know that I am smiling ear to ear because of your kindness.

  2. Space is so restorative to me. The wide openness helps to clear my head, heart and soul. I am so happy that you are volunteering in a way that fulfills you and that you are able to enjoy and experience those wide open places near you.